For the next 5 months I’m going to review mercilessly the Most popular/best linux music players in order to find The One.

I’ll post a review of one (or two if very similar to each other) music player every week. I’ll test it both on a 50 GB FLAC music collection and on a ~10.000 various formats’ songs music collection.

I’ll look at (in approximate order of importance): the customizability, the layout, metadata handling, album art handling (I love browsing by album art), the organization method (playlists vs filesystem vs library vs a mix), bugginess/smoothness, the look, support of music streaming services(spotify, grooveshark, pandora, etc.), documentation/interface’s clarity and explorability, playlist generation (I like to make a partying playlist by selecting a few ‘party songs’ and let the computer do the rest), scriptability, number of dependencies, and memory footprint. It doesn’t matter if features are native or given by a plugin.

I will run them on arch linux with xmonad (please, ladies, hold your orgasms.) I’ll review: Clementine, rhythmbox, quodlibet, banshee, amarok, DeadBeef, audacious, exaile, musique, MPD+ncmpcpp, MPD+gmpc, gmusicbrowser, cmus, VLC, MPD+Cantata, MPD+Ario, google music in chrome, guayadeque, and mplayer+zsh+gnu coreutils (Ladies, PLEASE !).

To check on my progress or contribute to the review by correcting me when I’m wrong or by suggesting additions or submitting rewrites of my bad prose (for which I compensate by using words such as ‘prose’) go to

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